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Managing change isn’t free but it can save you

Putting a freeze on spending makes saving on expenses a sure thing, right? Don’t bet on it. When it comes to technology, doing nothing can get pricey. Unless you are managing for change—anticipating the future and planning for new and … Continue reading

When average is no longer good enough

What’s the bestselling car in the world? The Toyota Corolla—39 million sold through April 2012, according to Toyota Motor Corporation. And it was the first car ever to achieve $30 million in sales. What’s so special about this less than … Continue reading

3 Questions to Ask Your IT Consultant about Data Backup

The world of business data backup is changing fast. Just a few years ago, the standard backup procedure involved regularly storing backup data on tapes. Leading firms sent those tapes to an off-site location so data could be retrieved even … Continue reading

Who NOT to Hire when Choosing an IT Services Provider

Are you on the hunt for a trustworthy, intelligent provider of IT services? If so, you’ve probably seen dozens of articles on what to look for in an IT consulting service. However, there’s plenty to avoid, as well, when hiring … Continue reading

Cyber Liability Insurance and IT Consultants

We live in a chaotic world. Natural disasters, data breaches and other events that previously occurred only once in a blue moon are now common enough to demand risk prevention planning from businesses. This new norm requires successful leaders to … Continue reading

2012 ITSM Challenges: How CFIOs can Develop More Service-Centric IT Departments

The IT landscape hasn’t been easy to navigate over the last couple of years, given the sluggish economy and increased technological complexity. Despite these challenges, many executives expect more from their IT managed services than ever before. Emphasizing the “service” … Continue reading

3 Ways an IT Consultant can Help SMB IT Personnel Succeed

Too often, IT consultants are seen as threats to in-house IT workers. Indeed, some kinds of IT outsourcing put in-house employees at risk of losing their jobs. However, the wise SMB company leader realizes that an IT consultant can also … Continue reading

SMB IT: Prioritizing is Critical

According to a recent survey conducted by a blogger on IT consulting services, 66 percent of IT managers say they have seen how poor coordination across different types of IT demand leads to poor support of business performance. That’s a … Continue reading

Leveraging an IT Consultant to Improve Overall IT Department Management

The IT landscape is shifting away from exclusively in-house work. More and more companies are turning to IT consulting services, rather than trying to carry out all IT tasks internally. This tendency is a natural outcome of the increasing complexity … Continue reading

SMB IT Question of the Month: How Much IT Security Protection do I Really Need?

The old Mad Magazine aphorism – What me, worry? – summarizes the approach many organizational leaders take when it comes to small business IT. Consulting experts can vouch for the fact that few SMB leaders actually insist on formal IT … Continue reading